【Summer Camps 】▶ June to August at Atelier

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- From 2018/06/19 to 2018/08/31, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday every week (Toggle calendar)
Atelier - Room 502, Unit 1, Buliding 8A, Julong Garden, No.68, Xinzhong Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
This event is free to attend.

Atelier presents a selection of seven brand new camps and two from the most popular camps we did from the past. In total, get ready for nine camps filled with the explosion of fun, knowledge and creativity this summer!


The 9 summer camps will offer various exciting topics such as-


Art, Electronics, Impressionism, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Architecture, Tessellation, Post Impressionism, Entomology, Cultures, Landscape, Law of Gravitation, Art History and the stories of the legends.


Course taught in English


Max 8 students per class


To make it clear and understandable for everyone, check below the three combinations we have imagined to fill your kids’ summer with creativity.


Art Camps


Age: 5-8 (Morning session)


Age : 9+ (Afternoon session)


Fablab Camps :


Age: 6-8 (Afternoon session)


Age:9+ (Morning session)


For students (aged 6+) who attend two camps (1 Art camp + 1 Fablab camp) during the same week will be provided with a special package price (See below).


Signature Camps :


Furthermore, we will present 2 Signature camps this summer open to 9+ year-old students! It will be focused on one big subject for a full-day course. During the morning session, students will learn and work on technical parts related to the topic with Fablab teacher. In the afternoon, students will be inspired by the artworks and art history guided by art teacher.


CLICK on summer camp TOPIC for more information!


Date:June 19-22 Monet for age: 5-8 & 9+


Date:June 19-22 Newton for age: 6-8 & 9+


Date:June 25-29 Adventure of Insect World for age:5-8


Date:June 25-29 Signature Camp Adventure of Insect World for age:9+


Date:July 02-06 Pattern in Art for age:5-8


Date:July 02-06 Signature Camp Pattern in Art for age:9+


Date:July 02-06 Edison for age:6-8 & 9+


Date:July 02-06 Hawaii for age:5-8 & 9+


Date:July 09-13 Da Vinci for age:6-8 & 9+


Date:July 09-13 Rousseau for age:5-8 & 9+


Date:July 16-20 Newton for age:6-8 & 9+


Date:July 16-20 Monet for age:5-8 & 9+


Date:July 23-27 Marco Polo for age:5-8 & 9+


Date:Aug. 06-10 Hawaii for age:5-8 & 9+


Date:Aug.13-17 Rousseau for age:5-8 & 9+


Date:Aug.20-24 Marco Polo for age:5-8 & 9+


Date:Aug.20-24 Newton for age:6-8 & 9+


Date:Aug.27-31 Edison for age:6-8 & 9+


Date:Aug.27-31 Pattern in Art for age:5-8


Date:Aug.27-31 Signature Camp Pattern in Art for age:9+

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