2017 Christmas holiday workshops

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Atelier 啊特黎尔 - Sanlitun 三里屯 Rm 202, Bldg C, Jinxiu Yuan, Xingfucun Zhonglu, Chaoyang District 朝阳区朝阳区幸福村中路锦绣园C楼202室 6416 1614, 132 4018 49
RMB 1,800 per week

For Christmas, Atelier’s team has created two unique workshops. Discover the Warhol factory and have an epic journey trought art history with the pixels !

Workshop 1: The Pixel, a journey through art history


The pixel, you eventually heard about it, this small cubic symbol, this small colored square that form your photos or the image on your TV screen. We talk about it all the time now, but it has existed for many centuries! Look at the mosaics from antiquity: pixels!

Let’s start a journey through art history,  from antique art, to impressionist and abstract paintings with famous artists such as Mondrian and Klee and contemporary art. Every day the students will discover a new technique and a new artwork related to this mysterious subject.


Painting, drawing, mosaic


Monday: Antiquity – mosaic technique

Tuesday : Monet – relief painting

Wednesday : Honduran and Paul Klee – painting

Thursday :  Dali – optical illusion

Friday : Ben and Kelly Goeller – pixel art


December  18th-22th


5-8YO/ 10AM-12PM


Price: 1800rmb/week

Worshop 2: Inside the Factory with Warhol


Andy Warhol’s New York studio, known as the Factory, is at the centre of one of the most legendary and groundbreaking artistic movements of the 20th Century, Pop Art. Between 1962 and 1984, Warhol filled his studio (actually 3 different studios, he moved twice) with creatives from every walk of life: artists, writers, photographers, film-makers, musicians, poets, models, actors… at the time the Factory was the only place to be for any artist working in New York. It was here that Warhol’s iconic prints were devised, and where the movement of Pop Art took place. This workshop will focus on some of the visual artists involved with the Factory, and the ideas and processes that made this movement so special.


Painting, drawing, collage, lino-printing, screen-printing


Tuesday: Warhol’s Flowers (Screenprinting)

Wednesday: Keith Haring (Painting; Colour, movement)

Thursday: Pop Collage: Johnson & Cutrone  (collage, drawing, pop-culture imagery)

Friday:  Basquiat’s Icons (street-art, branding, post-punk)


January  2nd-5th


5-8yo/ 10am-12pm


Price: 1800rmb/week

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