3-Day Great Wall Trekking on Jiankou, Gubeikou, Jinshanling All the Way to Simatai

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The Great Wall - The Great Wall
RMB 2,800 (10% discount for kids 7-18, 20% discount for members, 50% discount for kids younger than 7)
RMB 2,800 (10% discount for kids 7-18, 20% discount for members, 50% discount for kids younger than 7)
An epic Great Wall trek that covers 4 fantastic sections of the Great Wall. We hike the amazing Wild Jiankou Great wall , the Wild Gubeikou Great Wall and finish in style with a trek form to Wild Jinshanling Great Wall, over the restored section of Jinshanling all the way t0 Simatai Great Wall. Both nights we will stay at a local farmhouses with view on the Great Wall.

Day 1 : Jiankou Great Wall hiking

Hike 10 km on Jiankou wild Great Wall, passing numerous watch towers overgrown by flowers and trees. It is a 10 km hike with a total ascend of 600 meter so you’ll need a fair bit of energy to but efforts will rewarded because this trail is a mecca for photographers. We will stay overnight at an authentic farmhouse with view on the Jiankou Great Wall.

Jiankou Great wall camping

After a 2 hour drive from the meeting point (Lama Temple Subway) we arrive at a local farmhouse in the middle of a chestnut orchard where we enjoy a royal organic meal. Once lunch is finished your adventure begins.

The start of this Jiankou Great Wall hike as immediately amazing. The Great Wall drops down into WangQuan valley and climbs back out almost vertical. We will follow a mountain trail next to this drop off for about 1 hour until we reach the Great Wall at second beacon tower. During the first part of this hike we will climb about 500 m but once on the Great Wall most of the uphill hiking is done.

As the hike continues on top of the Great Wall you enjoy fantastic views of famous Great Wall sections as ” The Wall Bow “, “Arrow Nock” and the “Beijing Knot” We pass 7 beacon towers on this section on the wall, the best preserved ones are called the 5 eye watchtower and the Jade tower.

Jiankou Great wall trekking

After a last excellent picture moment on the rooftop of the 6th watchtower we follow a small path down the mountain. We spend the night at a cute local farmhouse that will welcome us with spread of local disches.

Day 2 : Gubeikou Great Wall to Jinshanling Great wall hiking

A 12 km hike from the authentic fortresses of the Gubeikou Great Wall to wild Jinshanling Great Wall . The scenery here is stunning and the photo opportunities endless.

Jinshanling to Simatai Great wall hiking

After a good breakfast we get back in the van and go for a 2 hour drive trough countryside to Gubeikou Great Wall.

We will bring you to our long time farmer friends that live right next to the Gubeikou Great Wall. The lady of the house is probably the best local chef we ever meet and she will serve you great organic food on her terrace wit view on the Great Wall.

After lunch we start our hike on Beijing’s oldest Great Wall. The Winding Dragon section of Gubeikou Great Wall is over 1500 years old. As we hike on the Great Wall the scenery will become more and more stunning. Once in a while we climb on the rooftop of the watch towers, have rest and take some memorable pictures.

About 6 km into todays hike we reach Gubeikou’s General tower. A massive tower with views of the whole Gubeikou Great, the Jinshanling Great Wall and even the Simatai Great Wall. It’s the highest point of todays hike and a magic place for pictures.

From this 2 story hight watch tower we head down a small dirt trail that leads to a local farmer who will serve us an excellent dinner. Here we stay overnight at the farmhouse with view on the wild Jinshanling Great Wall.

Gubeikou Great wall trekking

Day 3 Jinshanling to Simatai

Jinshanling Great wall Trek

Jinshanling Great wall Treking

After a good local breakfast we start hiking again and within 20 minutes we set our first steps on the Wild Jinshanling Great Wall. The 10 km long Jinshanling Great wall shows some amazing defensive features like barrier walls, battlement walls, watchtowers, gun emplacements, shooting holes, horse blocking walls.

We hike down on the Crumbled section of the Wild Jinshanling for about 30 minutes till we reach the most famous and best preserved section and partly restored section of the Great Wall. Here you can see how the Great Wall of China looked During the Ming Dynasty.

The last leg of our hike is all the way uphill again. We will pass the General tower with its intoxicating views over miles and miles of Great Wall and head for the last of the 67 watch towers of the Jinshanling Great Wall. Here we reach the Simatai Great Wall. We visit 4 more towers on the Simatai Great Wall and take a last spectacular picture of the Fairy tower, The highest tower on the Simatai Great wall.

A smal trail trough the forrest will bring us to the end of the valley where a good lunch awaits us.

A 2 hour drive later, at about 4 pm we will be back at our Lama temple meeting point

Great wall hiking

Jianshanling ti Simatai Great wall hiking

Level 4: strong

We rate this hike level 4 because it’s a long 3 day hike where you for sure will feel your leg muscles after the climbing the Jinshanling staircases on day 3.

The first includes a good uphill hike with back packs but the hike is not to long. Everybody with a normal physical condition can do each separate trip but for completing the 3 days with a smile you’ll need an above average physical condition ;-)

for more information about our hikes please check http://www.chinahiking.cn/

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