African culture extravaganza

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Jinshang Shouceng - 20 Xinyuanli, Xili, Chaoyang District
RMB 100 for early birds, RMB 150 at venue

Let’s celebrate African culture
Artist (crafts and paintings for sale)
Modern traditional African fashion (designers)
African hair styles show competition ! Winner for best style!
Lottery for best dress and head dress
Quiz 15 minute: do you know Africa?
African food & Drinks for sale

Dress code
African dress (choose from 56 countries) or head dress. Be creative make your own creations inspired by typical African tradition style. Bring a 2 meter fabric or buy one and let our African artist create you one traditional extravagant African head dress.

Bring your dance shoes good humor and adventurous spirit for the event of the year!

For info WeChat or call 13051911003. Here to book tickets.

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