Andy Warhol Exhibition

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M Woods (木木美术馆) - English address D-06 2 Jiuxianqiao Road 789 Art District Chaoyang Chinese address 北京朝阳区2号789艺术区2号院D-06
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The first exhibition in China to focus on the experimental, mechanically produced areas of Warhol’s practice, “Andy Warhol: Contact” features photographs, installations, and films that broke the boundaries of contemporary art when they were first made, and still compel viewers today with their extraordinary immediacy.

Made by Warhol using cameras and other machines, the works illuminate an overlooked theme in Warhol’s famed body of work: human evanescence in the face of time. From his minimalist films of the 1960s to his ephemeral installations to his instant film portraits on Polaroid, these works’ technical means of production enable distinctly Warholian explorations of time in relation to both subject and artist.

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6 Aug. 2016 – 7 Jan. 2017
Tuesday through Sunday, closed on Monday.
11am – 6pm

M Woods 木木美术馆
D-06 2 Jiuxianqiao Road 789 Art District Chaoyang
Tel: 10 83123450806

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