Atelier Summer camp

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Atelier Art School (Shunyi) - 204-205, Building 2, Central Park, No.16 Road Yufeng, Shunyi District, Beijing (Go to F2 from Entrance A of Commercial Buildings); 北京市顺义区裕丰路16号院会展誉景2号楼204-20(商铺A入口2楼)

Atelier presents a selection of seven brand new camps and two from the most popular camps we did from the past. In total, get ready for nine camps filled with the explosion of fun, knowledge, and creativity this summer!
The 9 summer camps will offer various exciting topics such as-
Art, Electronics, Impressionism, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Architecture, Tessellation, Post Impressionism, Entomology, Cultures, Landscape, Law of Gravitation, Art History and the stories of the legends.
Please check the schedule below:
June 19 – 22 : Monet, Newton & Physics

June 25 – 29: Adventure of Insect World

July 02 – 06: Hawaii, Edison

July 09-13th: Da Vinci, Henry Rousseau

July 16-20th: Newton & Physics, Monet

July 23-27th: Marco Polo & his journey to the East

August 06-10th: Hawaii
For more information, please check our website:

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