Beijing Food Revolution Series – Sign up for mindful eating practice at BMC!

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- From 2016/09/30 to 2016/12/30, the last Friday of the month (Toggle calendar)
Beijing Mindfulness Centre - 44 Qian Yong Kang Hutong, Dongcheng, Beijing 北京市东城区钱永康胡同44号
This event is free to attend.

Through mindful eating, we can began to listen to our bodies. Although this may not happen over night, but takes practice and persistence to see the transformation. On September 30th, Dalida will show us how to make a new connection with food through seeing, smelling, chewing and feeling.

Jamie Olive started the Food Revolution campaign since the increasing obesity issue, especially among children, he encourages everyone stand up to change this situation by actions.In 2015, Erica Huang, the founder of Farm to Neighbors Farmers’ Market, became the embassdor of this campaign and started to do series events in Beijing, China where she lives in.

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