Beijing Oldest Great Wall-Gubeikou Great Wall Hike (Winding Dragon) 1day small group with max of 13 people

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- From 2017/05/20 to 2017/08/20, Monday, Tuesday, Saturday every week (Toggle calendar)
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600 RMB

Gubeikou Great Wall Hike (Winding Dragon) 1 day

Gubeikou Great Wall was built in the Qi dynasty (AD 555), it is the oldest Great Wall in Beijing (1460 years old). We will hike 10 km on top of the wild Great Wall and climb on and through Great Wall Watchtowers that have conquered the enemies during that time. With views from the whole Gubeikou Great Wall, the Jinshanling Great Wall and the Simatai Great Wall from this trip are mind-blowing Great Wall experience. It’s a family friendly hike with never ending photo opportunities with the Great Wall winding over the top of the hills.

  • Hiking Distance: 8km
  • Hiking Duration: 3,5 hours
  • Hike level: 2 easy-medium
  • Departure time: 9:30 am
  • Back in Beijing: 7:00 pm
  • Price: 600¥/(540 RMB for kids 7-17, 480 RMB for membership, 300 RMB for kids younger than 7)
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Gubeikou Great Wall Watch tower

Gubeikou Great Wall

A 2-hour drive brings us to a farmhouse in a small folk village on the border of Beijing and Hebei province. The local “chief of the Great wall” will serve us tasty lunch and tea.

From the farmhouse, we hike further into the valley, pass a small pond and an old village which is long forgotten. Here we head to the beaten track, into the woods and up to the ridge of small hill. 30 minutes later, we will arrive at the Great Wall. A short hike on the Great Wall brings us to the General Tower of the Winding Dragon section of the Gubeikou Great Wall. The General Tower is the highest point of the area to overlook the Gubeikou Great Wall and the Jinshanling Great Wall. If the weather is good, you can see all the way till the Jinshanling Great Wall. Picture time!

From the General Tower, we hike about 6-km on top of the Great Wall. We pass numerous very well-preserved watchtowers and beacon towers. On a rainy day they give us shelters, and on a sunny day we sit and relax on the rooftops.

After 3 hours of hiking on the Great Wall, we reach at the end of the Winding Dragon section of the Great Wall and it will show you different building styles carried out by the different dynasties.
After we take a small break at the last intact watchtower, we will head to a tiny hidden trail through the brush and walk into the valley till we reach at a small road where our driver will be waiting to bring us back to Beijing. Around 7 pm, we will be back in Beijing at our meeting point.


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