Birthday Party at O’le Climbing Center

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O'le climbing - Shuangjing / Dongsihuan 双井东四环 5 Shimencun Lu, Baiziwan Qiao Dong, Dongsihuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District 朝阳区朝阳区东四环中路百子湾桥东石门村路5号 Mon-Sat 10am-10pm, Sun 10am-8pm 186 1846 1002
RMB 120 to RMB 270

We believe in sports, we can learn important things through sports and activities, and it often lasts for a lifetime. It is also a social way to gather people together. We would like to serve as the connecting point for families and youth living in Beijing, offering the safe playground where they have experiential learning through sports and various activities.

Facilities are well organized. There are bilingual qualified emergency responders at all times, and children can enjoy sports in a safety environment. According to your request, our staff will design a full custom-made package for your ideal party to your satisfaction.


Climbing & Boulder

‘’The best climber in the world is the one that has the most fun”. (Alex Lowe) In this sense, kids are some of the best climbers in the world! Children have an intrepidness, which gives them an instinctive urge to climb. O’LE Climbing offers a safe, fun and beneficial place for them to do so! Safety first is our concept. Under strictly supervised environment, children can climb, jump and swing for fun! O’LE Climbing staff is waiting for children with a lot of fun climbing games and activities!!


Everybody may have experience stacking up LEGO. This activity called “Box Climbing” is to stack the beer case boxes up higher to the maximum. Children will be safely equipped and protected by the rope and belayer for the final falling. It is one of the favorite activities by both children and adults. The activity is also good for a parent-child bonding game or team building.


To make the long story short slackline is just about walking on a webbing from point, A to point B, at some centimeters of height from the ground. One step, two steps, then three… It’s all about balance and focus. It is a perfect exercise for balancing, focusing and improving perception of the body. Ideal at any age and supporting for all sports! No need to say, it is also so fun, especially with good friends and music!


Football. It is universal. They speak the same language no matter how old they are, where they are from. They follow the same rule.


  1. 2 Indoor 5-aside football pitches     5. Satellite TV with live sports events
  2. 13M-tall climbing wall                       6. Wireless internet area
  3. 150sqm bouldering room                 7. Tibetan loft (place for cake)
  4. Slack park                                        8. Front yard (place cake in the summer)
Activity Time Price for child(RMB) Price for group(RMB)
Top rope climbing



Box climbing

( any combination)

1 hour 120  
2hours 200  
3 hours 270  
Eating in the loft 1 hour   300
Football Pitch 1 hour   May –Oct 600

Nov – Apr 800

Pinata(Candy Included) 150


  1. Price does not including the cake / food / baverage.
  2. After made reservation, please pay 300RMB deposit for the party.
  3. All participants must fill out the O’le Climbing waiver form prior to beginning the party.      Participants under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign their waiver.
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