BMS Chinese Culture Classes

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Beijing Mandarin School E-Tower (BMS) - Room 904-905, E-tower, Guanghua Road , Chaoyang District, Beijing, Beijing China
RMB 200


Beijing Mandarin School offers Chinese culture classes, Chinese cooking class, Calligraphy, Chinese painting, paper cutting, Chinese knot and Taiji so on. The schedule can be discussed. RMB 200/one time, 2H/ one timeRMB, buy 10 times of each kind of culture classes, enjoy 10% off.If you are interested,please call us for more information.

E-tower School (Guomao Area): Room 904-905, 9/F E-tower Building
Tel: 6508 1026/1126
Guangming Hotel school (Embassy Area): Room 0709, 7/F Guangming Hotel (near U.S. Embassy)
Tel: 8441 8391

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