Bout à bout – French Family Theatre

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Tong Playroom - Beijing M Theatre, Chaoyang District
This event is free to attend.

For aged 3+. Inspired by artist Jean-Marie Hobet and a group of pre-school children and teachers, Bout à bout is a unique puppetry connecting life, arts and imagination for children.

“Bout à bout”, meaning “end to end” – is a story full of poetry and light that connects imagination with life and arts. It is a matter of letting go of the parental rope and of going to the conquest of the city, of the friendships.

From ropes of various sizes, music and sounds, three invisible puppeteers give life to the initiatory journey of a little piece: fire lances, boas constrictor, means of transport or sumo preparing for battle, dog and cat, snake, octopus and fish …

The performance was created in collaboration with a pre-school. Together with the teachers, ideas and research were shared and they observed how kids move with and take over the material (colorful strings) to play out the situations which affected them.

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