7 Weekend Drawing Classes (recurring) When:
Where: The Slab

Students are requesting academic and creative drawing classes! The SLab will start running regular [ Academic Drawing Class ] & [ Creative Drawing Class ] …

290 RMB / class (每节课) or 1990 RMB / 8 classes (8节课) [ Purchase 8 units and get a complimentary sketch book. Students purchasing the 8 unit package may interchange between academic and creative classes. Valid for 6 months. ] 价钱包含了所有美术用品和专业知识课程 买八节课可获赠一个精美速写本。凡购买一个单元(八节课)即可交替上写生课和创意绘画课,有效期6个月。
16 Registration for Year 2017/18! When:
Where: Atelier

New classes from September!   Discover Visual Art – 4/5 years old Discover Visual Art + - 6/7 years old Discover, explore and develop your skills Learn art through art …

65 Mommy & Baby Fitness (promotion) When:
Where: Park Apartments

Starting March 14th, every Wednesday from 9.45am-10.45am Park Apartments will host a mommy and baby fitness class. The age range for children is 11 months …

RMB 1,440 (12 class package) to RMB 200 (single class)
128 Atelier Summer Camps of 2017! (promotion) When:
Where: Atelier

Summer camps of 2017! Like every year, Atelier’s team has created a series of epic and adventurous workshops through art history, literature and history and science!  From …

RMB 1800 to RMB 5000
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