21 Mommy & Baby Fitness When:
Where: Park Apartments

Starting March 14th, every Wednesday from 9.45am-10.45am Park Apartments will host a mommy and baby fitness class. The age range for children is 11 months …

RMB 1,440 (12 class package) to RMB 200 (single class)
2 US Expat Seminar When:
Where: Park Hyatt

PFG would like to welcome you to our US Expat Financial Planning Seminar. If you are from the US, or have a green card, and you …

4 Parkour Camp When:
Where: Imagine Camp

Experience leaping into foam pits, jumping on trampolines, balancing on a slack line, climbing on a bouldering wall, and so much more! Parkour is a …

RMB 700 per day; RMB 600/day/each (3 kids together); RMB 600/day/each (early bird)
2 Dragon Boat Festival Coding Workshop – Level 1 When:
Where: Atelier

During this Workshop students will learn the basics of coding using an Arduino microprocessor. Arduino is an electronics prototyping platform that helps you control real-world objects.   Children …

RMB 4500 per child
4 Pop Art for Dragon Boat Festival! When:
Where: Atelier

Sanlitun: Pop Art for Dragon Boat Festival! For the Dragon boat Festival, Atelier Sanlitun presents a exciting workshop that will allow children to dicover, explore, and …

RMB 1500
1 2
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