Chi Fan for Charity 2018

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The 2018 Chi Fan for Charity Committee is proud to announce that after a rigorous selection process, Educating Rural Girls of China (EGRC) has been selected as the recipient of charity funds to be raised at the Nov 10 citywide event. EGRC is a China-based Canadian charity established in 2005 which provides higher education to financially-challenged women from rural parts of the country. They will use CFFC funds to sponsor 10 female students to finish their four-year university education within the greater Beijing area. See more details below.

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This year’s CFFC funds will be put towards educating 10 girls from outer Beijing

CFFC received 12 applications for funding this year, and the committee reviewed and scored all applications on the following criteria, adapted from Philanthropy in Motion’s ( social impact evaluation framework to reflect the Committee’s priorities:

1) Sustainability: Does the organization adopt strategies to operate and grow in both the short and long-term?

2) Expertise: Does the organization demonstrate a proven record and expertise in its focus area?

3) Impact and efficiency: Does the organization deploy its resources efficiently to maximize impact?

Based on these scores, five finalist organizations were selected to pitch to the committee on Aug 17, and EGRC came out with the highest score.

EGRC won the support of this year’s CFFC for its dedicated service to aiding women who may otherwise have issues finding work

Over the past 13 years, EGRC has sponsored 842 underprivileged girls from rural areas to finish high school or university. Each of these women is an orphan, from single-parent families, or the children of parents who are disabled or have lost the ability to work due to chronic illness.

Each year, 15 to 20 university students are sponsored by EGRC to study in the Greater Beijing Area. After graduation, many of them decide to stay and develop their career there. There are more than 40 EGRC alumnae currently call Beijing their home.

The program gives hundreds of women a stable financial income to help them to reduce their family burden, gain their confidence, shorten the economic gap with urban students, and more importantly, to relieve some of the psychological problems that come with living in poverty.

Aside from financial support, EGRC provides the sponsored students with mentorship, career advice, English training and psychological consultation.

Since 2005, EGRC university alumnae not only have demonstrated incredible strength in their career development but also actively participated in fundraising events and various volunteer programs to help out more girls who share the same family background as them.

Learn more about Educating Girls of Rural China here: or follow their WeChat below:

In the meantime, stay tuned to the CFFC WeChat channel (ID: ChiFanForCharity) for more details on the event as we get closer to the Nov 10 date.

Images courtesy of Chi Fan for Charity

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