The Childrens’ House International Montessori Kindergarten Summer Day Camp 2018

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The Childrens’ House International Montessori Kindergarten - The Childrens’ House Central Park International Campus
RMB 2,000-3,500

The Children’s House Summer Camp at its Lufthansa Center/Central Park/Upper East Side/Sun Palace/Easy Home campus, will play in Chinese and English. Helping their children build communication skills through sports, team games and activities as well as introducing camping and nature walks. Daily programs include nature arts and crafts, music, story tales and lots more.

Price: AM program at 2,000 RMB per session; Half-day program at 2,500 RMB per session; Full-day program at 3,500 RMB per session (Register before May 31 to receive a 5 percent discount. Registering for all four sessions gets a further 10 percent discount).

Contact 138 1083 8492 or for more information. 

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