ChinaHiking Favorite Sunset Great Wall Hike 1Day (Small group with max of 13 people)

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600 RMB

ChinaHiking Favorite Sunset Great Wall Hike 1 Day

Hike 8 km on a recent restored Wild Great Wall section with stunning views on Beijing’s highest Great Wall in the north, miles and miles of the Great Wall in the south and the Chen Castle General Tower in the east. You need an average to good physical condition and some balance for this trail. We will start with a 1,5-hour uphill hike on the Great Wall.


  • Hiking Distance: 8km
  • Hiking Duration: 3-4h
  • Hike Level : 3
  • Departure time: 11:30 am
  • Back in Beijing: 9:30-10:00 pm
  • Price: 600¥(540 RMB for kids 7-17,  480 RMB for membership, 300 RMB for kids younger than 7)
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The Humpback (the wild part of Badaling) Great Wall section is located about 20km north of the famous Badaling Great Wall. It’s a 2-hour drive from our meeting point (Lama Temple subway exit B) to our lunch place, a local farmhouse with a view on the Great Wall.


After a great lunch at the farmhouse courtyard, we take a beautiful trail through the valley till we meet the Great Wall at its lowest point. From here, we start hiking to the famous steep staircases. It will take us a good hour to climb these stairs until we reach the highest point of the Humpback Great Wall and a nicely preserved watchtower. This section of the Humpback Great Wall has been partly restored and is now in perfect condition for easy hiking.


Hiking up and down the staircases is just amazing. You will find plenty of watchtowers and the famous 180 degrees Great Wall Turn, a perfect place for pictures.


From the General Watchtower, we take a 1,5-hour trail through the forest down to the Stone Valley where our driver will be waiting for us. We should be back in Beijing at 9pm.

Great wall hiking

Wild Part of the Badaling Great Wall Hiking

Level 3:捕获1 Medium-strong
A good physical condition is required for hiking in these designed trails. Hikes marked as level 3 are usually long day hikes or day hikes that include a steep uphill hike and/or trails where some balance is needed. Usually kids from age of 10 are all right with these trips.

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