New class: Mindful Mothers (Every Tuesday)

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Beijing Mindfulness Centre - 44 Qian Yong Kang Hutong, Dongcheng, Beijing 北京市东城区钱永康胡同44号
RMB 150

The Mindful Mother meditation series are three maternal meditations that focus on rejuvenating the womans body, mind and spirit.  To discover more than we experience every day, as we answer the call to bring forth life, let us respond by renewing our life source from within.

If you are a first-time expecting mother or a mother of many years, it is essential to maintain our energy and life balance. Gift yourself with the time to renew your body, mind and spirit. Join the community of mothers who desire to renew their life source from within.

Class will be given by Renée, a Mindfulness Practitioner from the University of Toronto, whose experience as a mother and as a career-women has been centered in meditation.

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