Cooking Course: Little Chef (every Saturday)

12 0
U Kitchen - Floor 2 Fangyuan Building, Xizhimen
RMB 4,980-5,980

In these hands-on cooking courses, students will learn how to make some delicious sweet and savory dishes. Students will work individually to make their own food, which at the end of each class they’ll get to devour or take home. Throughout the session they’ll cover different techniques, use a variety of ingredients and explore new flavors.

In this course students will learn the following: measure ingredients and use kitchen tools, basic knife skills, cooking on the stove, baking in the oven, hygiene and safety, the basics of food etiquette, how to find the right ingredients in the supermarket.

Cousre Fee: RMB 5,980 (RMB 4,980  for first 10 Sign-ups), apron and protective sleeves, all ingrdients, cooking materials included.

Contact WeChat ID pingokefu for more information.

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