Creative Humor Physical Theatre – Papirus

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National Centre For The Performing Arts (NCPA) 国家大剧院 - 2 Chang'an Jie Xicheng District 西城区 西长安街2号
Tickets 160RMB to 280RMB
This warm and touching play tells the story of a piece of magical paper.
Papirus is dedicated to all those who never stop dreaming. In the middle of nowhere, a tired man walks alone,  and his only companions are a large suitcase and a big piece of paper. In the middle of nowhere, a woman, weakened, looks for a place to sleep. Soon, each of them will discover the presence of the other. Without any words, through gestures, shapes and painting, these two foreigners speak and establish a game full of curiosity, generosity and hope where sharing becomes a way of communication. This is a show about the magic that comes when we allow ourselves to communicate with the heart.

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