Cultural Event: TaiChi Fan

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That's Mandarin - Dongzhimenwai 东直门外 1/F, Office Bldg B, Xinzhong Yuan, Xinzhong Jie Dongcheng District 东城区 新中街新中园写字楼B座1层
This event is free to attend.

Want to regain flexibility and serenity? Try Taiji shàn 太极扇an ancestral fan dance, graceful and captivating! As the flight of the phoenix, you will accomplish flexible and elegant movements. The lightness of the bird that twirls will follow you during this fun technical exercise, often accompanied by a slow and charming music. A peaceful moment where you will learn to relax you. You will discover the fluidity of the movements and their coordination. Thus, you will develop an inner energy that will allow you to connect every part of your body by staying relaxed. In China, this traditional dance is performed mostly in groups, so come and join us! You will find out the strength and flexibility of the tiger inside you!


Price is only 100RMB/person.

Register deadline: November 18th, 2016.

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