Dad’s Time Machine

12 0
Tianqiao Theater - 30 Beiwei Lu Xuanwu District; 宣武区 北纬路30号
RMB 128 to RMB 328
This non-traditional work of theatre combines visual artist, installation art, and live music and further blurs the line between genres by having puppets appear on stage with live actors. Described as a ‘fairy tale for adults,’ it looks at the relationship between a father and son as they pass through the different stages of life. Featuring life-sized puppets built by German and Hungarian artisans, the play has toured as far abroad as Canada, where it was selected as the CINAR Performing Arts Seminar Official Program Performance. The language of the performance is Chinese.
For more information or to purchase tickets, visit:
A matinee performance is held at 2:30pm in addition to the evening performance on Saturday; a matinee performance only is held on Sunday.

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