Exhibition at Wudaoying Hutong: Reflection of Cats

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Wudaoying Drawing Room - No.75, WuDaoYing Hutong, Dongcheng District
This event is free to attend.

Presenting a collection of cat-themed paintings created by artist Jiu Mao, the exhibition “Reflection of Cats” tries to shine a light on the relationship between humans and cats, and allegorically, with their surroundings. Individualized as cats are, they bear their unique life philosophies.  Just as what you might experience when getting along with people, there are moments of closeness and distance when living with cats, which leaves a margin for independent thinking.

Exhibition: Reflection of Cats

There will be an opening ceremony 4-8pm on this Sunday, May 20. All are welcome!  

About the artist

Jiu Mao is an independent artist working on various genres of art including painting, sculpture, photography, with painting as the top priority. She has been traveling around the world in seeking of inspirations and new creations. Check the website to find more artworks created by Jiu Mao.



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