Film Action Classes

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Tianzhe Club 天哲武馆 - Tianzhe Club 天哲武馆
This event is free to attend.
Hello everyone,
We are a group of professional foreign strength coaches and personal trainers that have more than 10 years of experience in the field and we are based in Beijing.
Hi Everyone,
Troy’s Team is a foreign action team and we specialize in action films, from acting to producing our own films, and we are based in Beijing.
Every wednesday’s at 10am we host a class where you can learn martial arts from industry performers that have worked alongside and performed with some of the worlds leading experts in martial art cinema and action films spanning from Hollywood to China.
Our classes although focused on assisting performers to improve their physical awareness to be able to perform complicated sequences for film, are also suitable for any degree of skill or experience.
Wether it’s to try something new, enjoy a variety of martial arts and acrobatic movements as well as real life self defense based skills, these are all rolled into one and formatted to be easily accepted by any martial artist, athlete or enthusiast.
We invite you to enjoy our unique take on the martial art and our passion for filmmaking.
Location: Tianzhe Club 天哲武馆
For more information please contact us through mobile: 15600125393 or wechat: mayelam8
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