Social Skills Classes at The Learning Frontier

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the Learning Frontier - 4th floor, No.11 Dongbai Street, Chaoyang District
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Social skills are important to our daily lives and often play an important role in the development of our relationships, communication skills, academic abilities and careers. We often expect children to naturally make friends and develop social skills. However, some children may have difficulty picking up social cues and non-verbal language.Lack of social skills may lead to misunderstanding, feelings of rejection, and even isolation, which can affect maintaining friendships, learning and self-esteem.

The Learning Frontier provides group-based classes in social skills development for children (2-5) and (6-10) years old. The programs are based on the child’s age and current level of social interaction. Classes will focus on developing and promoting more productive and positive interaction with others, and different social skills are practiced in groups. Each program consists of six sessions: Listening; Maintaining conversation-staying in topic; Perspective taking; Cooperation; Sportsmanship; and Responding to bullying. Programs last for six weeks. Please call 87719995 or email  for more information.

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