Hong Kong Int’l Medical Clinic’s Family Fun Day

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Swiss Beijing Hong Kong Macao Center - Southeast Dongsishitiao Qiao
This event is free to attend.

Family Fun Day is almost here! This year, Hong Kong International Medical Clinic, Beijing and Time Out Family are teaming up to put together something a little different for Beijing families. At this traditional Chinese style party, come snatch up red envelopes, or hongbao, have your fortune read and win lucky prizes.

Parents, dress up your little ones in traditional Chinese clothing and take plenty of pictures for memories that will last a lifetime.

During the event, families will have the opportunity to meet their doctors face-to-face. Their experienced team of medical experts will be present to answer any health-related questions parents may have.

Finally, families will get to experience traditional Chinese handicrafts and arts, as well as win cool prizes like delicious foods and home goods gift boxes.

Scan the QR code and join the event.

For more information, contact 136 8363 2800 or service@hkclinic.com.

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