Humanity – ethnic music from China

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la plantation concert hall - La Plantation 璃墟 Art base 1, D area, Hegezhuang village, Chaoyang district Beijing 100103
150 adults /80 students/childrens booking on 51661201 or wechat : philippe2046 (200/100 at the door, so better book in advance !)

This is a road of going beyond human spirit,

This is a road of life and death to be memorized.

Here we use songs to tell you the love story on the Ancient Tea Horse Road,

Here we use music to display to you the most authentic tea and horse epics.

The mysterious prologue is opened with the unique rhythm of “De Di Du”,

The noble legend is narrated with the ceaseless sound of “horse bells”.

We Take water from the rivers,

Make tea from the mountains.

Taste from the tea leaves,

The sweets and bitters of travelling across waters and mountains.

Convey in the fragrance,

The real love and hate.

Let’s go through space-time,

To worship the soul of tea.

Let’s free our hearts,

To adventure on the Tea Horse Road.

Aduo Gulia is a musician and singer of Chinese Yi ethnic group as well as a successor of Yi intangible cultural heritage. She specializes in singing Yi ethnic songs and playing ethnic instruments. With her resounding voice, she has been invited to perform on a variety of TV programs, including CCTV, the most influential TV broadcaster in China. She has sung in Poland, Czech, Slovakia, and Bulgaria. Her major works include Haicai Tune, Sheperd Tune, and Ase Tune.

Shen Abu is a musician of Bulang ethnic group of China. She is an ethnic singer born in Yunnan and an inheritor of Haicai Tune. She has ethereal voice and broad vocal range.

With research into the music of Yi, Lisu, Naxi, Mosuo, and Dai ethnic groups, she is good at combining traditional ethnic and modern music. Her works include Chiluoga (Sheperd Tune), Asuwei (Haicai Tune), Ali, Beautiful White Cloud, and The Traveler. Her honors include: one of the highest awards for singing Aha Bala at the 10th China Arts Festival, one of the top 20 singers at 2015 China Yi Songs Contest, the creative award for her song One Sun, One Moon, and one of the top 16 performers at the national TV program- CCTV-16 Folk Song Contest.

Rum Aide is a musician of Lisu ethnic group of China. Aide is good at playing Hulusi (or cucurbit flute), tree leaves, ocarina, Xun, Fang, and Bau. He has won the gold medal of the 1st China Hulusi Invitation Contest. He has created multiple music works such as Lisu New Year, Love in Mountains, the Torch Festival, Colorful Yun’nan, and Beside Yilong Lake. He has been invited by the Chinese Ministry of Culture to perform in Cambodia

Liang Xu is a Han nationality top of the top new-century musicians in China. He was the champion of the 2013 Chinese New Folk Song Billboard. He has performed soul music in many different places all over China…

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