ICVS “Christmas Party for Pets & Their People”

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International Center for Veterinary Services - No. 13-16 Rong Ke Gan Lan Cheng Shang Jie, Fu Tong Xi Da Jie, Wangjing, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100102, 北京新天地国际动物医院, 北京市朝阳区望京阜通西大街融科橄榄城商街13-16号。 (奔驰大厦和望京SOHO对面。嫣然天使儿童医院后面楼房)
This event is free to attend.

ICVS is celebrating Christmas and hosting a party for Pets and their People! Bring the family and join in the fun at their annual Christmas party for pets, owners and pet lovers. ICVS will give Christmas presents and treats to all the Pets and their people at the party. Come meet beautiful adoptable pets and partake in some holiday merry-making and enjoy delicious treats! Meet fellow pet lovers and friends from the Beijing pet rescue community! Holiday treats, catered gourmet feast for pets, raffle prizes and fun for the whole family!

For more information please contact 8456-1939/8456-1940 or reception@ICVSASIA.com 

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