ICVS “Departing from China with Pets” FREE information session

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International Center for Veterinary Services - No. 13-16 Rong Ke Gan Lan Cheng Shang Jie, Fu Tong Xi Da Jie, Wangjing, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100102, 北京新天地国际动物医院, 北京市朝阳区望京阜通西大街融科橄榄城商街13-16号。 (奔驰大厦和望京SOHO对面。嫣然天使儿童医院后面楼房)
This event is free to attend.

It is never too early to begin preparations for overseas travel with pets, even if you are unsure of your final departure date or destination country. Come join the experts from ICVS as we share step-by-step instructions on the latest exit process for 2017/2018, airline winter blackout periods and breed travel restrictions, microchipping, vaccinations, rabies antibody titre testing and other requirements to help you prepare for a smooth departure from China and an easy entry to your next destination country. ICVS clients receive unlimited, complimentary import and export counseling from our pet relocation experts.

For more information please contact 8456-1939/8456-1940 or reception@ICVSASIA.com.


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