Jinshanling to Gubeikou Great Wall Hike (1 day) small group max of 13 people

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- From 2017/05/18 to 2017/08/18, Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday every week (Toggle calendar)
lama temple - lama temple station
650 RMB

Jinshanling to Gubeikou Great Wall Hike (1 day)

This is a 12-km hike from the renovated staircases of Jinshanling Great Wall to the authentic fortresses of the Gubeikou Great Wall. The scenery here is stunning and the opportunities to take photos are endless. The Jinshanling to Gubeikou Great Wall hike is quite long but we can regain our strength during lunch at a local farmhouse after 30% of the hike. Because there is no need to climb the steep trails, a normal physical condition is enough to enjoy this trip.

  • Hiking Distance: 12km
  • Hiking Duration: 4-5h
  • Hike level: 3 medium – strong
  • Departure time: 8:30 am
  • Back in Beijing: 7-8 pm
  • Price: 650¥ /(585 RMB for kids 7-17, 520 RMB for membership, 325 RMB for kids younger than 7)

 From our meeting point (Lama temple subway station exit B) our van will head northeast for about 2 hours to the border of Beijing and the Hebei province.

The hike starts with a climb of the infamous staircases of the Jinshanling Great Wall. The Jinshanling section has a total length of 10km with intact watchtowers almost every 100 meters. As we walk towards south, the Great Wall becomes less renovated, tourists become sparse and new views unfold. Just before we reach the restricted military zone we take a detour of the wall and climb up to a top hill where you have a fantastic 360 degrees view of the Great Wall winding on the mountain ridges.

We head down a small dirt trail that leads to a local farmer who will serve us an excellent lunch. With the renewed strength, we follow a 5-km trail that curls alongside the wall, over the hills, through a small forest and pops out of the bush at the General tower of the Gubeikou Great Wall. Here we have reached the highest point of the day and another magical place for pictures.

The Winding Dragon section and Crouching Tiger section of Gubeikou Great Wall are stretched out in front of you. We hike the Gubeikou Great Wall till the 3rd watchtower and take a small dirt trail down the ridge, through the bush till we reach a small lake where our driver waits for us. By 7pm we will be back at our meeting point in Beijing.

Level 3: medium-strong

These are hikes where you need a good physical condition. Hikes marked as level 3 are usually long day hikes, steep uphill hike or sections where you need some balance.

History of the Jinshanling Great Wall

Jinshanling, a section of the Great Wall of China is in the mountainous area in Luanping county, 125km northeast of Beijing. This section of the wall is connected to the Simatai section to the east. Jinshanling section of the wall was built in 1570 CE during the Ming Dynasty. In the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, Hongwu reign (1368 AD) and General Xu Da presided over the construction. The key units are protected as a national, state-level scenic spot, a tourist attraction, and the “World Heritage List. The Jinshanling Great Wall is best preserved, and having many original features. It starts from the Wangjing Tower in the east and ends at Longyukou in the west, and it stretches about 10 kilometers (six miles).

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