KIDA English and Talent Competition

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KIDA Base - Floor 2nd, Tower A, CETV, Yizhuang Cultural Park East No.6, Da Xing District Beijing, P.R.C.; 中国北京亦庄文化园东路6号中国教育电视台高校创意总部A座2层.
RMB 200

The competition will be divided to three groups according to age:
kids group: 3-5 years; children group: 6-9 years old; youth group: 10-12 years old.
kids group: self introduction + talent show
Children group: self introduction + talent show
youth group: self introduction + English recitation + talent show
All players entering the final can participate in the “Little English Talents” special program recording which will broadcast by the CETV . Contact Linda at or call at 010-67859599.

The event registration links can be found below:

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