Krav Junior in Beijing! (Free Trial Class)

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Krav Maga Global China - Sunnyfocus Sports Club, Bldg 67-70, Lot 35, Xiaoyun Road Chaoyang District; 朝阳区 霄云路35号院内67-70幢上绎锋巢运动俱乐部
This event is free to attend.

FREE TRIAL CLASS on March 19 and March 26, 2017!

Krav Junior is the most comprehensive self-defense, anti-bullying, and life skills program in the world today. The program covers all aspects of self-defense and street awareness training for kids and teens, from the physical and technical aspects, to the educational aspect (self-control, violence prevention, stranger danger, functioning under stress etc.), to simulation training.

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Semester starts April 9, runs for 15 sessions, with a final grading to show what you have learned at the end of each season!

Phone: 15010246131
WeChat ID: KMG_BJ.

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