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Chinese Language Education - SOHO Xian Dai Cheng Building 3,Room 1606(16th floor) 北京市朝阳区建国路88号SOHO现代城3号楼1606室
RMB 550-2,250/week

Quality Teaching & Results-Oriented Programs: CLE Chinese Language and Culture Immersion programs are all taught by experienced Chinese Language professionals. Each program uses only relevant and modern teaching materials and methods.

Guaranteed Small Class Sizes: CLE Small Group Classes typically range between 2-4* students per class, creating an interactive and engaging learning environment. Additionally, CLE continually monitors student progress so that students of the same or similar Chinese proficiency level, and rate of language progress, study together.
*We guarantee that a class will never have more than 6 students.

Professional Student Services: CLE prides itself on providing professional student services for all Mandarin Chinese immersion programs, both inside and outside of the classroom. This includes offering top quality student support services and creating a community atmosphere through enjoyable elective programs, social events, and Chinese culture seminar series.

Multiple Program Options & Flexibility: All CLE programs are results-oriented and enable students to develop the necessary language and culture skills to succeed in both a personal and professional Chinese language environment. With multiple programs to choose from, CLE offers the flexibility to choose the right program to reach your Chinese language goals.

Affordable Programs: All CLE programs are value priced, allowing students to receive premium quality Chinese Language and culture education at a fair and affordable price.

Student Feedback: Take a look at what past and current students have to say about CLE Mandarin Chinese and Chinese Culture Immersion programs. Some students may be available to contact.

Corporate Clients: CLE provides custom language programs to major international companies and organizations, like the United States Embassy, Nokia and Caterpillar. Additionally, CLE receives many students and student groups from major corporations currently operating in China.
Add:SOHO Xian Dai Cheng Building 3,Room 1606(16th floor)
Da Wang Lu station by subway Line 1 Or Line 14(Exit B/C)

Tel:6772 4880

Email: info@chinaledu.com

Book: www.chinaledu.com

Image: chinaledu.com

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