Marine Science STEAM program

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Keystone Academy - No 11 An Fu Street, Houshayu, Shunyi District, Beijing, PRChina 101318
RMB 12,900

For grades 2-4.

Keystone Summer Archway Marine Science STEAM Program is a bilingual program and students’ learning is inquiry-based: they will work with the teachers to observe closely, ask good questions, investigate actively, and find answers to their own questions. During two weeks, 30 students will learn a lot about marine organism, and join interesting activities including diving and sleepover in aquarium. In doing so, they will achieve an understanding of the importance of environmental conservation. It is an important goal for the program that participants become more aware of these issues, and more environmentally friendly in their life style.

Please check the website for more information. Contact 8049 6008 ext.2777 or for registration.

Location: Keystone Academy campus

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