Mental Health Peer Support Group by CandleX

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Location to be Determined - Beijing, Beijing
This event is free to attend.

People managing conditions like anxiety, bipolar disorder, and depression–or just the stress of a move to Beijing–can find support in this safe space and group of sympathetic peers. Hosted by CandleX, these bi-weekly sessions aim to help Beijing’s English speaking community heal through awareness and openness about mental health issues. Review their ground rules and register by email to receive the location. Free.

Contributor’s description:

Mental Health Support Group in Beijing
Moving to a new country, going through a breakup, a loss of a job, or living with mental conditions are very challenging. Yet, there’s no reason to suffer alone when one can choose to join hands with others and let the power of connection and group support heal us.

In the absence of such social support, CandleX established a mental health peer support group in Oct 2015. It provides a safe environment for people living in Beijing to share personal experiences, thoughts, and feelings in small, confidential gatherings. This is a project provided by CandleX, an NGO in Beijing that focuses on the mental health by awareness raising on depression and bi-polar disorder. This is a continuing effort to provide more support to our Beijing English speaking community.

Key Information
• Participants: Our support groups are for people with any mental conditions ranging from stress, bipolar disorder, depression or people who are dealing with difficult situations in life.
• Time: 19:30-21:00 every second and forth Tuesday of the month
• Location: CBD in Chaoyang ( info available in our registration confirmation email)
• Language: English
• Max number: 7 people each session
• Fee: free, donation based
• Registration: please send an email to to register before you go

Content and Approach:
During the meeting, the core elements are as follow:
• Understand the basic mechanism of how our body, mind, thoughts work
• Help each other recognize the importance of tending to and promoting our own self-care
• Share our stories and feelings, and let other help you to give you emotional support when dealing with the difficult emotions alone.

Things to be aware of:
• The meeting is generally conducted in talking and sharing, but we offer other approaches to make sure that we feel relaxed and comfortable to share, including some guided meditation, breathing exercises, etc. There is one facilitator to throughout the workshop, monitor the progress of each session and facilitate group interactions.
Peer Group Principles:
• We are all peers. There are no professionals in this group. If you are in a crisis please seek professional help instead of coming to group. Members can offer support but they are not professionals and cannot deal with these tenuous situations. No group member should feel responsible for another group member’s safety.
• Due to the nature of depression as an illness, not everyone can reliably commit to coming to meetings. While having a rough estimate of numbers of people attending a group is helpful and RSVO’ing is encouraged, we understand that this is not always possible for people. But we do encourage to attend the sessions at least 8 times in a row before drop out.



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