National Holiday Activities by Imagine: Adventure Camp

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Indoor Ski - 900RMB/Day, Climbing - 700RMB/Day, Parkour - 700RMB/Day, Civilization Game - 750RMB/Day, Adventure Park - 750RMB/Day

This National Holiday (30Sep – 08Oct) Imagine brings a new adventure for the little ones of the house (age 7+):

Adventure Camp

This camp is the perfect choice for parents who want to stay in Beijing but are looking for outdoor activities that are creative and challenging at the same time to send their kids.

In Adventure Camp, children will have the opportunity to enjoy some of the most iconic activities of Imagine:

Civilisation Game
Civilisation Game

In this game, kids will have to use their imagination and skills to build the best possible civilization in the forest. For this purpose, there will be a series of materials and tools scattered all over the land at our camp in Huairou.

文明游戏是最Imagine经典的一个活动,是由Imagine创始人 彼特 构思。在这个游戏中,孩子们将用他们的想象力和技能,在森林中利用营地中自然资源以及工具,建设属于他们自己的文明帝国。

Our camp includes forests, hills, caves and even a beautiful river, the perfect place for a great adventure. In addition, the game has defined rules, kids will be divided into groups, which will have to cooperate internally, but also compete with other groups. Civilisation Game is an adventure created by the founder of Imagine. Peter Tupper.

我们的营地在怀柔,郁郁葱葱的森林、跌宕起伏的小山丘、神秘的洞穴、涓涓溪流,带给孩子前所未有奇幻冒险之旅。此外,游戏规定了规则,孩子将被分成小组,通过团队合作稳固自己的文明帝国,与其他文明帝国竞争。 Find out more!

Indoor Ski
Indoor Ski

Glide down the snowy slopes on this fabulous day, all with the professional supervision of our instructors from Europe.


Whether you have experience skiing or not, it does not matter, this will be a great adventure with the highest levels of safety, a great day to start Adventure Camp!

不管你的孩子是否有滑雪经验,这都将是一次很棒的冒险经历,拥有最高级别的安全保障,期待孩子们的加入 Find out more!


In a safe indoor climbing centre, learn big wall climbing, bouldering, slack lining (like walking the tight rope), rope climbing and much more!

在一个安全的室内攀岩机构,学习在一面很大的墙体上,抱石训练,走扁带(就像在很细绳子上走路),带绳攀爬等等Find out more!


Parkour is like gymnastics, but cooler and freer. It involves jumping, grabbing, vaulting, balancing, landing, climbing and so much more! It is a great foundation for other freestyle sports. Kids will learn the foundations of parkour in a fun way with Imagine’s professional European instructors.

跑酷是很酷,充满自由的一项运动,它包括跳、抓、跳跃、平衡、着陆,攀爬等等Find out more!

Adventure Park
Adventure Park

Imagine instructors will take kids to an adventure park, which is located on the outskirts of Beijing.


This day includes archery, outdoor climbing, hiking, adventure trail, jeep 4X4 driving (Driving a test car, safely assisted by an adult), ice cream & cake making and much more!


This will also be a day full of fun & adventure!

Imagine导师会带孩子射箭、户外攀岩、徒步、网布轨道、学习做冰激凌以及蛋糕等 Find out more

This holiday will have a duration of 9 days, on each day there will be an activity. You can Choose at least 3 of the existing 9 days.

Our international instructors will pick up the kids at different locations in Beijing each day, in the afternoon kids will be sent back.

For booking & more information, please visit our website: Adventure Camp

Or, contact our customer service center at 010-57394933

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