New TLC Class! Future Technology STEAM Course

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The Learning Center (Shunyi) - TLC -No.9, An Fu St., Hou Sha Yu, Shun Yo; 顺义后沙峪安富街9号(海德京华国际双语学校内)
RMB 6480

TLC is pleased to announce a partnership with TechTrek for our upcoming Spring Term Weekend School!

Technology is changing the world fast, creating huge challenges and opportunities. Our workshops introduce students to the amazing tech that’s shaping the world we live in. Learn about everything from 3D printing to drones from electronics to programming. We’ve combined innovative technology with a modular curriculum, clearly linking personal skills development, technological understanding and real world application.

Course Aims:

  • To help develop students’ skills, understanding and confidence when using technology
  • To improve and build the 21st century skills needed to thrive in the modern world
  • To inspire students to develop a passion for innovation and technology

Introduction to programming, understanding the language of the future and how it is shaping the world. We’ll use interactive American programming robot Dash to teach introduce students to the MIT developed programming language Blockly. Students will then be tasked to work together to complete a series of fun and testing challenges.

Get hands on with awesome electronics and electrifying circuits. We’ll learn about the basics of circuits, how to make one and their many uses. We’ll get creative with our imported littleBits components and learn to make our own inventions and ideas come to life.

Problem solving and improving your ideas with the Design Process: a series of fun and exciting challenge based classes. Each class students will be provided with different materials and a clear challenge to complete in teams, it’s then over to them to plan, develop and build the best possible solution.

Explore and experience amazing technologies like drones, virtual reality and augmented reality. Every class students will have the chance to personally experience and use these amazing technologies. We’ll also spending time learning how these technologies are changing our world and do creative activities centered around how we may use them in our own lives.

Learn about the amazing potential of 3D printing to change how we produce and create new things. Using American, child friendly software every student will learn how to design and print their own 3D printed objects.



March 5th – June 11th (12 weeks), Sunday

*April 2nd, 30th and May 28th, no classes scheduled

 Grades 3-4: 9:30-12:30 am (3 hours)

Grades 5-6: 1:30-4:30 am (3hours)

Price: 6480 RMB

Classes sizes:8-12 students

Classes are bilingual

Location:No.9, An Fu St., Hou Sha Yu, Shun Yi; 顺义区后沙峪安富街 9 号

Phone:010- 8046-3886

For more information, please click here.

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