October Holiday Qigong Retreat

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Da Fu Tang Chinese Medicine Clinic - 39 Shen Lu Jie, Chaoyang District
RMB 2500

Join us for a 5 day (4 night ) Qi Gong retreat in the hills of Miyun County, just outside of Beijing. In a beautiful, natural setting we will enjoy focusing on our practice and socializing with friends and family.

Main Practices

Meditation and Visualization
Sitting quietly in the traditional posture that opens the energy centers of the body, we can use our breath to guide the movement of Qi in the microcosmic orbit. The practice of meditation leads to greater wisdom, equanimity, health and longevity. In traditional Chinese martial arts, meditation increases our concentration and refines our emotional body and spirit.

Raising Universal Qi to Nourish the Body and Mind
“Raising Qi” means contacting and moving the basic, primordial Qi of the universe and putting it into our body. This is now the most popular Qigong practice for people recovering from illness or actively doing rehabilitation therapy. In this practice, Qi and Spirit are equally emphasized (as opposed to forms that only emphasize one) in order to connect our bodies with the qi of the natural world. We open the channels,especially the fascia-channels, and release the centers of Qi flow in the body.This increases optimal functioning, often leading to the cure and prevention ofillness.

Eight Pieces of Brocade
The eight movements in this set o fQigong exercises are called “brocade” because they are soft and elegant like this style of silk embroidery. The effects of this practice are to soften themuscles, tendons and ligaments, nourish the qi, invigorate blood and qi, and regulate the internal organs. Doing the practice actually massages the internal organs,improving the functioning of the nervous, circulatory, digestive, motor and respiratory systems.

Cost: 2,500 rmb for transportation, instruction and translation; and approximately 280 rmb per day for food and accommodation.
(This is a family-friendly event designed to build community. One fee per family only is required. Children and partners may participate for free. Accommodation and food costs will vary depending on the style of room chosen.)

Click here for a detailed schedule. Contact Shelley Ochs 134 3938 6197 (phone and WeChat) or email shelleyochs2@163.com

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