Peter Pan’s Adventure Island Brings Immersive Theatre to Beijing

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蟹岛度假村彼得潘冒险岛 - 北京市 - Xiedao No.3 Building, Beijing; 北京市蟹岛公园3号馆
RMB 580 (1 person), RMB 880 (2 people), RMB 1280 (3 people)

This play will show every weekend for two years (Dec 2016 – Dec 2018). Ticket prices: RMB 580 (1 person), RMB 880 (2 people), RMB 1280 (3 people). Tickets can be found here.

Chidren’s drama Peter Pan’s Adventure Island has premiered in Beijing in an immersive theatrical format.

The play, with art direction by renowned Broadway producer Randy Weiner, is the latest work by a team of Broadway veterans.

“It is a good opportunity for kids to participate in the performance when watching the drama,” says Weiner.

David Gallo, who has won a Tony Award for his stage designs, constructed the 8,000-square-meter stage for the play in Beijing, which incorporates fantastical visual and interactive elements. Peter Pan’s Adventure Island follows the success of Weiner’s successful immersive theatre creation Sleep No More.

Immersive theatre is a form of performance that allows audience members to join the actors and directly participate in the play.

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