Plastic Fantastic – Mimirichi In Beijing

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Long Fu Theatre - 47 Longfusi Street, Dongcheng District 北京市东城区隆福寺大街47号
RMB 380/280/180/100

Plastic Fantastic – Mimirichi In Beijing will be held at Long Fu Theatre from Oct.1 to Oct.2, 2016.

Four Ukrainian “kidult” comedians decide to throw a wild party using plastic of all shapes and colours. A small plastic bag may be an aircraft or cannon one moment and a wailing baby the next.

Whimsical ideas and imaginative routines chase one after the other, illustrating the quartet’s endless capacity to surprise. Plastic Fantastic delivers a series of short comic stories that mix improvisation, pantomime, clown art and sound to draw you into its madcap world.

The international award-winning stars of Kiev’s Mimirichi Clowns & Pantomime Theatre have earned world recognition for their amazing performances. The four offbeat mime artists will keep audiences of all ages doubled over with laughter.

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