Pop-Up Yoga @ Café Zarah

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Café Zarah - Guloudongdajie No.46, 北京东城鼓楼东大街46号
This event is free to attend.

Tired of sitting the whole day? Your neck is sore and your eyes hurt from staring at your laptop? And your brain feels like a squeezed mango? Then just head over to Zarah every other Monday starting from July 3rd and squeeze some office yoga into your schedule from 3-3:30pm for a good & healthy start of the week!

Yoga instructor Yiyang will be lead special sessions of Pop-Up Yoga at Café Zarah. There is no need for reservations, no participation fee and you don’t need to bring your yoga mats, either!

Contact details:

+86 10 8403 9807


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