Rising Warrior Kung Fu Training Camp

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Xiaopu Village - Songzhuang Township, Tongzhou
RMB 10,888 per parent-child pair

Being a warrior isn’t about how many fights you’ve had or how tough your skin is. It’s about facing all of life’s challenges head-on, staying strong in mind, body and spirit at all times and never giving up, no matter what obstacles you face.

On CK Martial Hearts’ Rising Warrior Kung Fu Camp, held at the Tagou Martial Arts Academy in Dengfeng, Henan, that’s exactly what parents and children will get the opportunity to do – together. As well as learning Shaolin martial arts, this program also features plenty of social and cultural activities, making it suitable for children and parents alike!

Contact 186 1155 8781 or ajdonnelly@culturalkeys.cn for more information.

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