Shaun the Sheep- A British Cartoon Performance

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Beijing Theater - Anhui Bridge, Yayun village, Beijing
Tickets cost RMB100/180/280/380. Packages cost RMB190/280/330/480/490/660/730/990.

World-famous Shaun the Sheep will step out from the screen and interact with children in the Beijing Theater from Oct.1 to Oct.2!

This performance will be acted by both British and Chinese actors, and the stage will be designed with the exact ratio as the real farm, meadow and trees in order to let the children feel that they are actually in the forest along with Shaun and his friends.

On the peaceful farm, the sheepdog Bitzer, Shaun the little sheep and his friends all lived happily- they dance and do all kinds of fun activities. There is a big tree in front of the farmer’s house where sheep enjoy the cool air and play games with each other during hot days. But one year during winter, the farmer’s house had a sudden power failure- his house’s electricity has been cut off! The farmer was frustrated and super cold all the time but he couldn’t find any wood to light in order to make his house warm. So he decided to cut down the tree outside his house. Bitzer, Shaun and other sheep thought of many strategies in order to prevent the farmer’s plan, but all the same, the farmer still succeeded in hiring some lumberjacks to cut down the tree. The “Save our tree” act had officially began for Shaun and his friends… Will they win this battle at last? It’s only for you and your children to find out!

(Call 400-810-8080 or 010-64669968 if you have any questions. You can also look here for additional information.)


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