Sichuan B

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The Hutong - Dongzhimenwai 东直门外 1 Jiudaowan Zhongxiang Hutong (southeast of Beixinqiao subway station), Dongcheng District 东城区九道湾中巷胡同1号(北新桥地铁站东南边) 6404 3355; 159 0104 6127
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The people of Sichuan are known to be hot blooded, so it’s no surprise that their most commonly used phrase is “can you eat spicy?” Two main varieties of pepper account for Sichuan’s spicy, pungent culinary legacy, La Jiao (Chili Pepper) and Hua Jiao (Sichuan Pepper).

Learn how to make use of the famous chilies and peppercorn infused dishes of China’s Southwest. Brazing, steaming and the legendary ‘Dry Frying’ are all intrinsic to Sichuan’s rich culinary traditions and can be learned in our four mouth-watering Sichuan Culinary Experiences.

Sichuan B

Dry Fried Green Beans
Sweet and Sour Shredded Potatoes
Sichuan Style Boiled Beef

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