Six Days Children Yoga Workshop of Angelina

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The Characteristic and System of Incy Wincy Kids Yoga

Incy Wincy kids yoga respects children as individuals and incorporates their natural personality and age into the design of each class, for a fun and relaxing experience. It combines yoga harmoniously with their everyday activities, play, communication and rest. The goal is to convey the benefits of yoga to them naturally, which will help them to grow healthy, and learn how to positively release energy and express their personality.

This Training is Designed for Three Groups:
(1)Ages 3 – 5 years
·For this group, the classes are very interesting and active, because at this age it is a challenge for children to stay quiet for a long period. Therefore, the class needs to be very dynamic and interesting.

(2) Ages 5 – 8 years

·For this group, the children are in the period of fast growth, so the importance of their practice is to focus on helping them to find the balance between the physical body and psychological body in order cultivate the consciousness of cooperation and interaction.

(3) Ages 8 – 12 years

The practice that is most important for this group is strength, flexibility and endurance. Also at this age, social contact is becoming more important for them, so in order to satisfy their physical and psychological needs, the class needs have some challenges that will encourage them without being too difficult.

Through Angelina’s system, we can work together to help children grow up healthy and happy.

The main contents of the Incy Wincy Kids Yoga is divided into six sections, each section has different emphasis and importance. Through this training, you will not only learn yoga knowledge, but also how to help children develop their physical and mental health. Everyone who joins in this class will know how to teach a children’s yoga class and after the training, they will be able to teach their own class.
Training Date and Schedule

Six Days        36 Hours  

Date Time Contents Remarks
5-6th,November  AM 9:00—12:00 Yoga posture practice and Theory How to communicate with kids and activate their practice passion.
 PM 14:00-18:00 Yoga Theory、Breathing Practice and Interaction
12—13th, November  AM  9:00—12:00 Yoga posture practice and Theory Class Arrangement, Yoga Games, Yoga Songs and Breathing techniques.
 PM  14:00-18:00 Yoga Theory、Breathing Practice and Interaction
19-20th,  November  AM  9:00—12:00 Yoga posture practice and Theory Cultivate Trust and Cooperative Consciousness
 PM  14:00-18:00 Yoga Theory、Breathing Practice and Interaction


Original Price:5000 RMB
Early Bird Price:4300 RMB(Pay 1000 RMB deposit before 16th October to enjoy  this price)
Group Price:4000 RMB (above five people)
One Day Price:1200 RMB

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