Sound of Vienna—Beijing New Year Concert 2017

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The Great Hall of the People 人民大会堂 - West Chang'an Street,Beijing 北京市西城区西长安街天安门广场西侧
Prices for this performance are RMB 120, RMB280, RMB380, RMB480, RMB680, RMB880, RMB1280 and RMB1680 according to your sitting places. n

In 1992, New Year concerts began in China. Since then, people in Beijing are used to celebrating New Year in festive orchestral atmosphere with Strauss music.

The tradition of new-year concerts and orchestra came from Austria, the country with the most musical beauty in the world. The Austrian Strauss Legacy Philharmonic Orchestra is a famous Austrian orchestra that is appreciated by classical music fans all around the world for their outstanding technique, deep cultural legacy, and original Austrian-style interpretation. This orchestra was established in 1843 and have more than 100 top musicians. They not only have a deep understanding of classical music while exploring modern compositions, but also the ability to play both traditional and popular repertoire. The orchestra often visited China before and had always brought something brand new to Chinese audience.

This event is suitable to people of all ages as long as you can enjoy the  beautiful music and the performance. (Call 400-810-8080 or 010-64669968 if you have any questions and look for additional information here.)

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