Spring Parkour Camp

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An Activity Park in Tongzhou - 1.5 hours east of the northeast 5th ring road
700 RMB per day including transport

Ages: 7 – 16. Experience leaping into foam pits, jumping on trampolines, balancing on a slackline, climbing on a bouldering wall, and so much more! Parkour is a great way to build foundation skills for all other freestyle action sports.

The famous image of Parkour is of people performing unbelievable tricks and stunts in the street, or you may have heard of the similar sport of free running. In fact, Parkour doesn’t have to be so crazy! At it’s basic level, it is a fascinating discipline, to train your body to be able to get over obstacles in your path: balancing, jumping, landing, rolling, vaulting, spinning, and more. Later, students can apply these foundations to develop skills in all kinds of freestyle sports. Our instructors take students to various indoor activity centres such as trampoline parks, climbing centres and other facilities to enable them to learn these skills in the safest and most fun environment!

Check http://imagine-china.com/parkour-camp/ for more information and registration.

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