Stop Motion for Dragon Boat Festival

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Atelier - English address Room 10L, Buliding 7, Julong Garden, No. 68 Xinzhong lu, Dongcheng district Chinese address 北京市东城区新中街68号聚龙花园7号楼10L室
RMB 2600, RMB 2200 for Atelier’s students

Discover the stop motion* technique during 4 days and realize a short movie animation.

*The stop motion is used by a lot of movie makers and artists, this is an animation technique to bring static objects to life on screen.

Understand the principle of animation by watching examples and making a flip book with photographs, then learn how to tell a story, to invent characters, write a scenario, prepare a storyboard, create your 3D characters and the set. It is time to shoot, to edit, and to add your name in the credits! We are all waiting for your first screening at the end of the workshop. Animation will have no more secret for you !

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