Summer Camp: Marco Polo & His Silk Road Journey to the East

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Atelier Art School (Shunyi) - 204-205, Building 2, Central Park, No.16 Road Yufeng, Shunyi District, Beijing (Go to F2 from Entrance A of Commercial Buildings); 北京市顺义区裕丰路16号院会展誉景2号楼204-20(商铺A入口2楼)
RMB 1,800-2,200

Aged 5+. This camp is about Marco Polo and the famous Silk Road that he took to reach China from Venezia. Students will discover various countries and cultures of the XIII and XIV century. They will create a huge interactive round map inspired by the famous Italian cartographer Fra Mauro. They will also re-trace the route and reproduce the famous monuments from the Middle-East, the famous emperor Kublai Khan of Mongolia, discover ancient China and many other forgotten architectures in Asia. RMB 1,800 (aged 5-8), RMB 2,200 (aged 9+). Atelier Shunyi (5886 4243;; WeChat: ateliershunyi).

Time: July 23-27, August 20-24

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