Tao Dual Cultivation

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RMB 599, RMB 399 (early bird before Oct 16)

Tao dual cultivation or couple practice, also many other names, is exclusive inheritance of China and one of the biggest secret of Chinese tradition culture.

It views that for a man or a woman, there is extraordinary energy inside them for their opposite sex which can endow beauty, youth, health and longevity, and it only exists inside their opposite sex. When in normal life and normal sex life, this energy isn’t activated, just by some special exercises and when with some special skills, men’s and women’s supernatural energy can be exchanged.

For thousands of years, it’s extremely secret, For each generation, just very very few people can learn its secret, and it never be written on any books, is just passed by word of mouth, from mind to mind.

Now we have opportunity to discover this secret. A one-day public service session by Master Zhe Long, the undisputed number one master on this in China, top master in internal alchemy in China, hundred thousand students and disciples, more than 20 years practitioner, great reputation in Chinese Daoism society, authentic inheritor of Daoism and Tibetan Buddhism,

Venue: pending

Fee: RMB 599, RMB 399 (early bird before Oct 16)

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