Thanksgiving Week at R3 Discovery

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R3 Discovery 北京德家沃利探索学习中心 - B1-R080, Zhongjunshijiecheng D, 9 Jinhui Road, Chaoyang District 北京朝阳区 金汇路9 中骏世界城商业区 D 座B1层R080室
RMB 380 (1 Student, 1 Parent)

Ages 4-10. Celebrate Thanksgiving Day with different themed activities at R3 Discovery that ends with a traditional Thanksgiving dinner from November 21-25. The activities include card marking, baking, decoration making, story-telling, movie watching, and more. Registration required. Thanksgiving Week (5 days plus dinner) RMB 1,288 (one student and two parents), RMB 1,188 (one student and a parent); Thanksgiving Dinner RMB 580 (one student plus two parents), RMB 380 (one student plus one parent). 2pm-8pm. R3 Discovery (131 6758 5964 (English), 185 1133 4363 (Chinese),

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