TLC U.S. Boarding School Tour

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At The Learning Center (TLC) we understand how important, yet often challenging, it is to select the right boarding school for your child, which is why one of our goals is to empower both parents and students to make informed decisions about their boarding school selection. This summer, TLC will be arranging a 2-week tour of leading boarding schools in the U.S., designed to give you a clear understanding of the types of schools that best suit your child and  become familiar with life in the U.S. We also hope the trip will be a source of inspiration and motivation for you and your child!

The trip will involve a tour of 10 carefully selected boarding schools, among the top in the U.S., in Massachusetts and Vermont, with opportunities to talk with admissions officers and gain a comprehensive understanding of life at each school. The tour will also include workshops, seminars, and plenty of sight-seeing, cultural activities, and shopping!

For more information, please call 010 8046-3886 or click the link below.

U.S. Boarding School Tour 

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